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I am an unpublished author, and I used to keep all manner of rubbish on this page.

This is what I have to offer regardless of that fact (AKA stuff I’m working on. The stuff that’s actually important to me and not, you know, an example of me preening again.)

Novel Length:

  • A Catherine Lewis Tale: Faebound (book 1 of ?) – An Urban Fantasy about a florist who would rather not be involved in the paranormal, but, as rule, must. A tale of betrayal, upheaval and righting the wrongs of the past committed by her father.


I’m also a fan of the serial story format – It reminds me of everything that was great about the speculative fiction tv dramas of the ’90s.

Serial Stories

  • Exile That Spurned Fate [Science Fiction] The Lyra Corsair – A freight “free runner” – and it’s crew witness the activation of the En Deti Ancient Gate. It is a Jump gate older than the network itself, a gate that no one in living or recorded memory has seen active. These are the stories of what follows. [A serial tale in my greater sci-fi universe.]
  • In the Gutter, Looking at Stars [Science Fiction] Genesis is a monster of a space station, a congolmerate of hulls clustered around the name-baring generation ship. All manner of life calls Genesis home, from the elites in their mansions to the slums of Spoke Town and Underside… but something altogether more eldritch lurks in shadows. “In the Gutter…” is a series of five episodes following three characters. Detective Demi Demitriou, retired USEF Colonel Henry Lindsey, and station chief Commander Ray Avila.


Well look at that, I also write short stories every once in a while. What’s not to love about this facet of creative writing? Pithy, punchy, none of the waffle of a novel. Genre fiction for the short on time.

Short Stories

  • The Waiting Man. [Speculative Fiction] Go read it on my blog. Do it.
  • Free Fiction [Flash-ish Fiction] Read it on the blog.

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