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July 13, 2013 by jcfarnham

Well, the power has been out since about 11am this morning. It’s now around 1:30pm and there’s no sign of this black out letting up just yet [it’s the middle of the day. Does it still could as a black out?]. I’m writing this on a laptop … not sure how long the battery will last. Maybe half an hour?

Maybe less …

The weather has been pretty vicious since I woke up. Quite a wind. I bet a branch or something like it has torn through a power line out on the main road. Then again traffic seems normal. It’s funny, it only takes a moment like this for you to realise that you don’t actually know what direction your house’s main power line comes from. Always amuses me how much our modern society relies on electricity. Just a century or two ago you could go your whole life and not give a damn. I suppose I could read a book, or take the dog for a walk, but then, being the technophile I am, I’d much rather be writing for my blog on a laptop with low power and no internet connection. Funny how that works isn’t it.

Though now I think about it I don’t think I’ve ever seen the sky quite that colour before. Maybe we’re getting the tail end of some huge Atlantic storm. What is it now, Hurricane Ibrahim? You’d be surprised how frequently the weather goes to shit around here because of some storm tearing up a country seven hours flight away.

The patio umbrella is broken again; canvas tore from its supports, quaking in its ill-fitting stand. The wind is howling.

Is it the wind?

What if the power never comes back on? How would I live? I was in the scouts, I could always go and light a fire, but then again the kindling is soaked and the wind is just too vicious to get anything going. We have a gas bottle, which would be good if I had any matches. Hindsight is a brilliant thing.

Will the wind ever die down?

Scratch that.

I just heard a noise from out back. [The dog is pretty terrified of this storm right now …] Maybe one of the neighbours is having trouble. Could even be that a portable generator has blown out. Could explain the noise.

Shit, you know what? I think I’m going to have to break the habit of a life time and go see what’s up. Nice enough people are our neighbours, just … I’m not so sure that green is the colour of a healthy fire.

New blog post tomorrow.

Ps. Fire isn’t really a good thing, is —


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