CMCY #2 – Brian W Foster

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September 19, 2012 by jcfarnham

A second CMCY so soon? Yup. This time from Brian W Foster, an author in a similar position to me. Thanks for the prompt!

Emerging from the wormhole, the flying saucer dodged the like-sized clay pigeon.  A blast sounded from a shotgun and the two were felled.

One of the children screamed. “That’s not how you play pretend.”

“It is too. Your flying saucers get blowed up by my Action Man.”

“Why do you always got to be the good guy?”

“Because I’m best at it, everyone knows that.”

“Can we go inside and play Gears of War instead? Those pigeon-things are heavy…”

The flying saucers and the action man came to rest on the grass. “Yeah, all right. It was getting boring any how.”

The father looked up from his book and smiled. How the kids had gotten into his trap shooting equipment was any one’s guess. At least they hadn’t hurt themselves. Now all that was left was to tidy everything away before his wife had a heart attack.

“Boy will be boys.”

And now a word from the prompter:

Brian Foster is a professional mechanical engineer living in the greater Los Angeles area.  He’s a loving husband and the acting male parental authority figure for two children.  Besides writing, he enjoys board games and fantasy football.

His debut novel, Power of the Mages, is due out in spring of 2013, and he plans on publishing his short story, Abuse of Power, in December of 2012.  While waiting to sample his work, please check out his blog at


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