CMCY #1 – Robert Bevan

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September 12, 2012 by jcfarnham

This post marks the first piece of fiction to come from Challenge Me, Challenge Yourself. A challenge in which you followers can send me any prompt from the most ridiculous thing you can think of, to the most mundane, in any genre, and I have to write it.

“And all I’m, all I’m saying is that if you dive off the Gerkin into a big enough tank of water… it’d be like hitting concrete.” Gregory Fuller ernestly tried to explain his position to the greying man opposite him. It didn’t seem to be going well. He couldn’t even remember the geezer’s name.

“What you seem to be forgetting is that we’re not talking about that.”

“Ish that right?”

“That’s correct”

Gregory took another gulp of one of the pints of bitter sitting before him, and remembered what he was talking about.

“Oh yeah! And then she says ‘If you don’t have a job, how can you pay for your drinking habits’.” He pointed a finger accusingly at no one inparticular. “She thinks I don’t get it. I thought marriage was about, you know … that good stuff … So she kicks me out.”

The old man offered no reply, so Gregory continued.

“Got no job. Got no family. Got no bed warmer.” He hiccuped. “Some times I wonder what it would be like if you could do the whole thing over, like, knowing what I know now. Knowing that being a bastard ain’t going to get you no where…”

The old man smiled. At first Gregory thought it was a comforting smile, but then the smile

“I think we all wonder that sometimes Mr Fuller. You just have to get on with what you’re given.” The old man fished into his coat–which smelled rather of nursing homes and caves–brought out a small canteen, and handed to Gregory. “Here’s to getting on with it.”

He drank what he could of the strange drink and excused himself to stumbled his way home to the B&B he was staying in.


That night he woke, kicking, screaming and wet, to the words, “Mrs. Fuller? Congratulations. It’s a boy.”

And now word or two for the prompter:
Robert Bevan is an American author and university English teacher living in South Korea. He is a husband and father of two. When he isn’t busy writing, teaching, fathering, or husbanding (a small window of time on Friday nights), he still plays third edition Dungeons and Dragons.

His debut novel, “Critical Failures”, attempts to bring a little something different to the comic fantasy genre. It is available on all e-book platforms, as is his FREE short story, “Cave of the Kobolds”.


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