R. Scott Kimsey and a New Cause


July 23, 2012 by jcfarnham

I’m going to be doing something a little bit special (to me at least) with my blog from now on and in addition to my usual sporadic musings.

I’ve been a part of a writers community for a while now (link to come later) and I’ve been wanting to give something back to them. I thought to my self, “Now, you’re a marketing graduate surely there’s something you can help with there”. I considered writing a marketing guide, but how many of those do you see on shelves and online. It was then that I hit upon a thought. What we have at is a ready made audience/platform combination. We are a community of writers, some published, some unpublished, some up and coming and some already successful in the market. What better platform could there be to help people with getting their fiction out into the world?

Marketing is tough to go at alone. So lets not have to.

In association with the Mythic Scribes members I have decided to set up a kind of back and forth of tit for tat reviewing. In the spirit of good will and community, the idea is thus: 

  • Pick up a story by a Mythic Scribes author. 
  • Read it and review it and post said review on your blog/website. 
  • Link to the author’s website/blog/Amazon offerings, etc.
  • Review for review. Simples.

So with out further ado I am going to lead by example with my first review (I will be keeping these short and pithy for the sake of marketing reuse). Hopefully, many more to come.

“Lorelei and The Lost and Found Monster”
by R. Scott Kimsey
Lorelei is unsure about her first day of second grade, but armed with her brand new kitten lunch box she can’t imagine anything could go wrong… Only when lunch finally comes Lorelei manages to forget to pick her lunch box up when she goes for recess. Oh no! Her quest to see that box returned takes her deep within the walls of the school on the trail of the dreaded “Lost and Found Monster”.

R. Scott Kimsey has clearly studied the art of writing for children. That much is certain when you begin Lorelei and The Lost and Found Monster. For this is one well written tale, reminiscent of the classics of young person’s fantasy, and reads like the very best of bed time stories.

If you are a parent looking for the perfect story to challenge your child, something educational, something fantastical–and a perfect gateway into the wider world of fantasy fiction I may add–but are done with C.S. Lewis and fellows, then you could do much, much worse than R. Scott Kimsey’s “Lorelei and The Lost and Found Monster”.

The Lost and Found Monster on Kindle @ Amazon
You can also find Mr. Kimsey @


One thought on “R. Scott Kimsey and a New Cause

  1. bob says:

    i really appreciate what you're doing here.

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