NaNoWriMo 2: More Thoughts and Reflections

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December 2, 2011 by jcfarnham

So, I’ve been doing some thinking in the wake of NaNo 2011. (Apologies for the following rambling rant, I promise I’ll be more structured at some point 😉 )

While the challenge went well and I won, I have, shamefully, not written anything significant since … the only reason I can think of being that I spent so much time and effort in November that I’ve run out of writing juices. It is entirely possible of course that I was already in a creative slump, and my extensive outline was the only thing pulling me through Nano. At some point I’ll re-discover my excitement for writing, but until then I’m not going to let a good habit go to waste. So for now I’ll write anything (blog posts included?). I don’t know the meaning of the phrase give up.

NaNo has also gotten me questioning the way I write and what I write. I thought I had a pretty good handle on the kind of Science Fiction story I wanted to write, but by this point I find myself rather bored with what I have. Advice seems to mostly be “explore the craft”, therefore I intend to write a series short stories (either based aorund my NaNovel’s characters, or not, doesn’t matter) to see if I can break out of this little rut. Secondly, “the way”. Hmm.. I’m not convinced by my style, I’m not sure the way this NaNovel is written sits in line with the way it should be written.

I read the other day a piece of amateur fiction by someone looking to imitate Lovecraft. The author was very successful, and it got me thinking. Perhaps it would be useful to write a few similar flash pieces (short fiction anyway from 100 to 1000 or so words long.. hence “flash”) in the style of published SF&F authors? It would certainly serve to get me out of my style funk.. If only I could get started on something.

Thankfully the answer to my apparently predictable post-Nano slump is at hand. The Science Fiction Writing Forum is exactly what it says on the tin, a sort of informal writing workshop for the genre (it seems this is a some what niche idea, not many specific scifi writing forums around at the moment..) that I hope will help pull me from this slump as it grows and I participate in discussions there. Only time will tell haha.

I promise to have something decent written (maybe even completed) by the next time I come to write a blog post. Maybe. Perhaps.


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