A New Beginning.

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November 28, 2011 by jcfarnham

As of 20:21 today I’m a NaNoWriMo winner with a word count of 50131 (I would be writing more as we speak but I need a well deserved break haha) 
To commemorate this occasion …
Welcome to Supercritical!
Now that I officially have about 3/4ths completed of the first draft of my first ever novel, I figured it might be a nice idea to start a blog on the subject of writing—partly to chart my writings progress from almost one first draft to … well who knows what the future has in store, and partly as a way of exploring with you the readers, the ins and outs of writing.
In each post, however sporadic they may be, I’ll say a little bit about my progress on this novel and any other works of fiction I may have on the go, (where I’m at, what I’m doing, have I succumbed to editing yet, that sort of thing), and hopefully touch upon some interesting subjects about the craft, related to my findings … as I find them.
When I first thought about maybe taking part in “30 days and nights of literary abandon” I was frightened, (well why wouldn’t you be? 50,000 words in the 30 days of November? Scary stuff haha!) but after talking to some writing buddies and seasoned Nano veterans across a variety of forums one thing stood out to me. No matter how much they bashed the process or the people or whatever, they thought I should go for it. Of course, by the time November came around I had already been world-building, planning and outlining for the previous 11 months since the last Nano (which I missed out on by 3 days). I was hardly going to let all that work go to waste!
And so that was, as they say, that.
30 days later (give or take 11 months) I have the skeleton of my Novel, “Blitz”. So yeeeeah, in itself an as-of-yet-not-complete first draft isn’t all that impressive, but maybe I should mention that this is the first novel length work I have EVER stuck at? Before Nano, I’d written approximately 3 chapters of everything I turned my hand to and gave up. Nano taught me, amongst other not so (presently) important things, that I have it in me to write a proper novel. A WHOLE novel.
That being said …What now?
Well that’s what I’m hoping to answer with this blog. First things first I need to get this draft finished without getting distracted with editing. Hell I’ve already spent too much time writing this post -wink-. That being said I think I’ll make a go at another project of mine. The theory is, with a blog, I can be held accountable if or perhaps WHEN I try to give up.
In closing, though Nano is over for another year, I would urge anyone even considering writing something longer than a short story to take part. If you can’t wait till next November, make your own targets, or take part in one of the many spin off Nano challenges that are out there.
Do it. You’ll find yourself. 
p.s. I blame Nano. It’s eaten my ability to spell … check. 😉 

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